Your host Suzann Gemünd-Karcher grew up on the estate, which holds a lot of fondly remembered childhood memories. The forest and its trees, its wildlife and its mythical ruins accompanied her all throughout childhood and adolescence.


The ancestral rocks became her guiding thread and led her to studies in history and local architecture. Sometime after her studies in architecture in the city of Strasbourg and her dissertation in “genius loci “, she became a castle and mysterious ruin whisperer, that is to say, the guide of the castle of Fleckenstein.


Suzann also retraced the history of the house you will be residing in for the duration of your trip thanks to archived data, and is to this day, the author of several tales in German language, inspired from actual local history.


Your host Daniel Karcher is very bound to Alsace, of which - among others - he knows the story very well. He is a pianist, organist and violinist and takes a peculiar interest in instrument making. The organs of Alsace and the instrument making are his major sources of musical inspiration; calling to mind various colours and timbres.




If you wish to organise a concert, a recording session , you can reach him at the follow e-mail, and postal address.




E-mail address:


Postal address:


Susann & Daniel Gemünd-Karcher


82-84, rue Principale


F-65710 Obersteinbach




 (English Text translation: Eva Blickhan.)