Shops and nearest services:


You will find a gas station at 45th of Route de Bitche in Lembach.




In Lembach (10 km), you will also find:


A supermarket on the Route de Bitche, a Bank with ATM, 2 butchers, 2 bakers including 1 pastry chef, 2 doctors, a dentist, a pharmacy, 3 hairdressers, a post office, a wine cellar, 4 restaurants, 4 car mechanics, 2 nursing practices and a physiotherapist.




In Obersteinbach, you will find:


A baker-pastry truck drives to Obersteinbach from Monday to Saturday, except on Fridays, and stops in front of the fountain at about 8:30 am.


A mobile butcher shop stops at the same place on Fridays at 6pm.




There is a Goat house with a shop at the entrance of the village.


A loading station for electric cars near the town hall.




*list given for information purposes only, it may be supplemented or modified.




In Niederbronn-les-Bains (16 km away, 4395 inhabitants), you will find:


A spa, health and wellness cure; an indoor and outdoor swimming pool; banks and ATMs; a market on Friday mornings, public services, a post office, the archaeological house (excavation exhibition, exhibition on the Celtic and Roman, medieval era); a mineral water spring and a Casino.




Reichshoffen (16 km, 5393 inhabitants), you will find:


Loading stations for electric cars at 3 rue Gaston Fleischel, a Thursday morning market, gas stations, supermarkets, banks and ATMs, a cinema, a post office, an iron museum on the De Dietrich industry.




In Bitche (24 km, 5179 inhabitants), near the land of glass and crystal, you will find:


The Citadel which has a viewpoint, gardens, the Tepacap amusement park and playground, and the Hasselfurth pond.




Wissembourg (25 km, 7600 inhabitants) is on the wine route and harbours a beautiful Abbey Church.



 (English text translation: Eva Blickhan.)